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After I started thinking more seriously about creating a family, I realized that me and my spouse needed to have some kids. We started working hard to figure out how we would create a schedule around a baby, and after we had a plan, we knew that things were coming together. After my wife was pregnant, we anxiously awaited the birth of our baby, and it was awesome to see how much things started to improve after he was finally here. I wanted to start a website that focused on the choice to have kids, and how to have a family that you will want to be with forever.


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Identifying Overstressed Kids

As a parent, you have your hands full. Not only do you have to tend to the daily needs of your kids—the feeding, bathing, clothing, homework, etc.—but you also have to worry about what's going on inside their little minds. Kids don't always open up when things are bothering them, especially when what's bothering them has to do with troubles that mom and dad are having.

Do you know what symptoms to watch for to know if your child is feeling overstressed? Here you'll find a few things to watch for to help you know when your child is struggling emotionally and needs further attention.

Change in Eating Habits

If your child was a very good eater, but you've been struggling to get him or her to eat, there could be something going on. If your child didn't like eating but has all of a sudden begun to eat far more than he or she used to, there could be something going on.

Consistent Headaches

Healthy kids shouldn't get headaches that often. If your child has no other issues, like allergies that could lead to consistent headaches, their pain may be related to psychological pressures.

Bedwetting, Nightmares and Leaving the Bed

Bedtime routines are an important part of raising a healthy kid. If your kid's nighttime routine has been interrupted by bedwetting, nightmares or your child leaving his or her bed to climb into bed with you, you may want to investigate further.

Stomach Issues

Has your child been complaining of stomach aches often? A belly ache now and then is relatively normal, but if your child is having belly aches on a regular basis, there's probably something going on.

Other Physical Symptoms without Illness

If your child is suffering from other physical symptoms but has no illnesses to cause those symptoms, there's probably more to it. Believe it or not, kids can actually get nosebleeds when they become overstressed. This is just one physical symptom that can be a sign that your child is dealing with things that you should know about.

So, what do you do if your child is suffering from any, or a combination of these symptoms? Start working with your pediatric doctor and consider child psychiatric services from Linet Les or a similar healthcare professional. The longer you allow your child to suffer with whatever it is that he or she is dealing with, the more harm is being done. Don't wait—get your little one the help that he or she needs.